Sturdy Recycled Tires

After having travelled on the bumpy roads between the Euphrates and Tigris for thousands of miles, car tires awaits a second life. Our dedicated craftsmen wash off the dust, and create these indestructible pots and baskets. Repetitious perfection of strong hands cut up the material and reassemble into pots and baskets with a needle and coarse threading.

Pots and baskets for in- and outdoors, to bear many a thing. Newspapers, empty bottles, wood blocks, toys for kids or toys for the older boys. Whether you’re collecting, keeping, planting or presenting.

VAN VERRE has been working with an atelier in Syria for many years which has been greatly affected by the war. Despite the conflict, a temporary workshop was started in a refugee camp where the craftsmen are working with great courage and passion. It is uncertain if the initiative may last and the recycled tires might therefore disappear from our collection.

Mediterranean handmade and recycled product made from sturdy tires. Help our courageous craftsmen!