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Discover the inspiring Indigo fabrics

Deep, night blue, handmade fabrics that tell the ancient old stories of the Dogon tribe. 

The indigo fabrics are unique pieces of art and are recognized by UNESCO as part of the World's Heritage. The soft textiles are woven by the man, after which the women dye them using the traditional tie-dye technique. The fabrics come to life with symbolic motifs, beautifully applied using batik and block printing techniques. 

The characteristic, intense blue colour, which is associated with power, magic and divinity, comes from the natural indigo dye, made from fermented leaves of the indigo bush.

The symbolic prints reflect aspects of the tribe's daily life and Animism, their nature religion. Sirius, the most important star in the Universe to the Dogon, is a symbol often shown and the steps we take in life, are reflected in the Pat de Ane print (little donkey footprints).

Owing to their artisanal production, each piece is entirely unique. VAN VERRE contributes to the development of the region by sending orders regularly. We are all a shackle in the chain, passing on the knowledge of this unique craft to the next generation. 

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