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discover the story of Sirius


Looking up at the sky, the mystery of our existence is written in the stars. The Dogon tribe in Mali is holding incredible wisdom on our universe. For thousands of years this valuable information was passed down orally to the next generations. Only in the 1990’s their impressive knowledge was confirmed by the Western world. 

The deep, night-blue Indigo fabrics that the Dogon weave and dye are still decorated with these symbols, showing their knowledge. Often the star Sirius (also known as Sigi Tolo) is imprinted, the most important star to the Dogon and the brightest star in our sky. 

To Sirius, there are two little stars circling her; Po Tolo or 'the egg of the world and Emme Ya Tolo. Amman, the god of creation, created Po Tolo. This small and invisible star holds the seed of the origin of everything. Once every 60 years, when Sirius reaches the same place relative to Mother Earth, the tribe celebrates this creation; the creation of our planet and every living thing that dwells on her. Celebrating that everyone is connected to everything, at any time, on this bright, colourful planet we live on. 

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