• 7 bolivian carpets

    Fabulous Frazadas

    Vibrant woolen frazadas, the traditional blankets from the Andes…

  • 1 glas slide

    Gorgeous Glass

    Handmade molds and stamps in which the glowing glass…

  • 3 flipflop slide

    Recycled Flip-Flops

    Colourful bracelets that once were a thong sandal, trash…

  • JAI5 187 (1)

    Original Starlightz

    Starlightz lamps by Earth Friendly are a fusion between ancient…


We explore and find treasures, we empower people, preserve heritage and culture and trade fair.

At VAN VERRE, we travel the historical trade routes. We connect with far-away cultures by selecting handmade, powerful, inspiring and colourful products for the home. We build flourishing and fair collaborations between authentic craftsmen and innovative independent retailers to provide the conscious customer with products of traditional craftsmanship that carry the story of the maker. All products in the VAN VERRE collection therefore are treasures of stories.


fair trade from far away, sustainable enjoyment






  • 3 mediterranee


    The shores of the Mediterranean sea have that je-ne-sais-quoi. Their…

  • 8 pakhuis voorraad

    Silk Route

    The Oriental Silk route is the most mystical of all…

  • timboektoe


    This historical city was right at the edge of the…

  • 2 camino andino

    Camino Andino

    The Andes is the land of the Great Inca, the…

Our products carry the cultures of the world... Soon videos of the arts of the crafts available...
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