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Travel along and discover the tales behind our inspiring products

travel along the Silk Route



This mystical trade route is where East meets West, past the diverse cultures and landscapes of countries such as Syria, Mesopotamia, Nepal, India and China.These countries have one thing in common: their ancient civilizations have left a sanctuary of creativity and a genuine love for colours, life and spirituality. From infinite peace to the swarming of immense cities, from the emptiness of desert to the richness of exuberant jungles.

The Silk Route products that embody this creativity have made their way to Europe since its early days. Originally carried by the camels of legendary caravans, these products really captivate the diversity of the Silk Route’s people and landscapes. It is a diverse trade route packed with natural materials and precious products, such as Paper Star Lamps, hand-beaten copper, block printed fabrics and a mix of authentic products found along the way.


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