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travel along the Camino Andino route



High in the mountains around the Titicaca Lake the sun shines like nowhere else. These are the lands of the Andes, the land of the Great Inca, the son of the sun.The ruins found in the Andes remind us that the Incas have always centered their lives around this ever-burning star.

This might be the reason why the women of the Aymara tribe never produce any dull item and create incredible colourful pieces of art in their own homes. All these women own a simple loom of four pins in the ground. They weave all year round and let their inspiration and intuition guide their daily creations. Whether it is colours as bright as the sun or natural and earthy shades, everything is made with great spirit and beauty. Throw yourself into a world full of all shades of pink, yellow, blue, green. The Inca loves it lively and powerful!


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