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meet the Aymara tribe

Bolivia's Andes Mountains have been home to the Aymara people for centuries. The people of this tribe may seem proud and even a little rigid to an outsider at first. However, as you dig deeper, you come to understand that this derives from a dignified sense of knowing their worth. Since families are the cornerstone of this culture and they strive for social equality and thus financial equality, no fortune is pursued. Living in simplicity, focusing on their loved ones, passing on traditions, crafts and values ​​fulfils their purpose in life. 

By living at an altitude of 4800m, the Aymara learned how to keep warm, wearing garments of the richest wool and sleeping under their thick, hand-woven Frazada blankets. These blankets are a result of centuries of dedication, providing a glimpse of a civilisation older than the Incas.

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