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Discover the story behind the Bordallo collection

Recently we visited our supplier Bordallo Pinheiro. Here we were shown -once again- how remarkable the shaping and baking process of the cabbage shaped dishes is.

This process is rooted in a long tradition; the first designs date back to 1884 when Bordallo Pinheiro first designed the traditional cabbage leaf ceramic tableware. This leaf shaped tableware collection encountered an immediate success and has become an outstanding example of 19th-century Portuguese cultural heritage.

This authentic, handmade way of production the century-old craftsmanship is being passed on from generation to generation. All pieces are shaped in traditional molds and then modified by hand, piece by piece, removing the excessive clay. Following the 'bisque-firing' where the pieces are baked in the sweltering hot oven, each piece is glazed, following every vein of the leave. The Van Verre collection is a collaboration between Van Verre and Bordallo, where Van Verre carries a range of other inviting colours next to the traditional Bordallo colours.

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