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Discover the Malawi collection

The iconic Malawi collection will never go out of style. Hand-woven with a rich sense of cultural tradition, the beauty and simplicity make these pieces striking eye-catchers. 

In the rural heartland of Malawi 40 small-scale farmers are organised in a local co-operative, weaving along the shores of Lake Malawi. In between the planting and harvesting season they create this classic collection, piece by piece out of blue gum and cane reeds. 

The cane reeds are harvested and dried in the hot African sun and the art of weaving is passed on from generation to generation. Each artisan has his own signature, shown in the pattern of their weaving. Turning the chair upside down, you will find the artisan's name signed on the wood, as an assurance that the right person is paid when the chair is finished. 

Support the prosperity chain and give these craftsmen a sustainable income to support their families. Celebrate the art of artisans!

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