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discover the craft of Frazada weaving

The art of weaving Frazada blankets is a big part of daily life for the Aymara women. In their living rooms you will find four pins driven into the ground, connecting to Pachamama. Between these pins, line by line, her strong, grounding energy is woven into the blankets.

With the vividly dyed alpaca woolen garments and blankets, they make a strong statement, bringing colour into their natural-toned surroundings. To this day, the blankets are still woven the traditional way. As the girls learn to weave from an early age and continue to weave throughout their whole lives, families often own about 100 blankets. When the girls leave their parental home to start their own families, they take their blankets as a dowry.

Very slowly, the modern world is also emerging into the Aymara culture. Leaving us wondering for how much longer this beautiful heritage will still be there to be enjoyed.

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