Generating impact. VAN VERRE believes in the original spirit of fair trade. We establish sustainable ties with communities to improve their living while working with us. We are transparent about the origin of our products, and focus on social engagement, dignity and shared value. VAN VERRE builds a bridge between the producer and the retailer. From the community of craftswomen who sell their products for a decent and ethical price to the retailer who pays a fair price for a high quality good, we create business opportunities in which every link of the ‘‘prosperity chain’’ can grow and feel equally strong. VAN VERRE is not obsessed by profit and treasures all individuals.

Our producers. VAN VERRE aims to preserve cultural heritage and artisanal handicrafts by establishing long-term relationships between craftspeople, retailers and their customers. In collaborating, we promote values such as openness, trust, friendship, curiosity, as well as sharing joy. We want to tell the story of the people and the culture behind the products and give face to the talent behind the beauty.

Our products. At VAN VERRE, we trade original goods only. Our desire is to sell handmade crafts that carry the power of centuries of savoir-faire. In our collection you will find beautiful, colourful and inspiring items that easily touch your heart. Their design is powerful and therefore timeless; the products have been produced by many generations. In collaboration with our partners, we work to improve the designs or suggest logical line-extensions. The products furthermore are of high quality and reflect authenticity, tradition, and hours of dedication. If you look closely at our products, you’ll see they all have some marks and tiny imperfections. This is because each product is different and therefore beautiful and fascinating in its own right.

Our customers are retailers and entrepreneurs who are often unique story tellers. By selecting powerful products, they contribute to a better world for two reasons. Firstly, they are the ambassadors of the communities of craftsmen and craftswomen that produce our products, thereby promoting their heritage. Secondly, they are a reference for their clients, for us, but also for the producer because of the inspiring atmosphere they create in their stores. These independent entrepreneurs are game changers and strong-minded synergy composers, and it shows in their boutiques.


The story of VAN VERRE
Suzanne Mertens, founder and now creative director of VAN VERRE, is a creative and conceptual thinker with a good eye for detail. She is intrigued by craftsmanship and the creativity that many cultures carry.

Inspired by her many journeys along the historical trade routes and guided by her creativity, curiosity, and fascination with other cultures and social engagement, she discovers the finest products. She believes that fairness in trade lays the groundwork for a flourishing and ethical business, and therefore co-created VAN VERRE; a perfect example of a respectful company was born.

Suzanne is joined by Gerard de Rooij, an enthusiastic and successful entrepreneur who is also driven by bringing cultures together. He is business-minded and has led VAN VERRE to be a modern, conscious and mindful business partner.

Supported by a small dynamic team of talented employees who each make their own special contribution, VAN VERRE is a company that believes that changing the rules is possible.

We invite you to embrace our philosophy and join us in our journey of making a difference.