Recycled Flip-Flops

Along the Niger River live the Bozo people. While this Mali tribe always lived off fishing, an extreme decline in the river’s fish stock have threatened the Bozo people’s livelihoods. While the river’s fish stock declined, the river peculiarly started to bring along a high number of floating flip-flops. Their primary source of food having gone, the Bozo women found a way of taking advantage of this disaster. Recycling the sandals they caught in the river, they have designed a lovely collection of colourful bracelets and rings that are being traded all over the world and carry their message of optimism and creativity.

There was initially only a small number of families making these beautiful bracelets. A number of years later, the project is so successful that more than 80 families live off the design of these original products.

Use: A few tips! Create a beautiful and abundant display on your shop counter by wrapping all bracelets around a narrow piece of wood. The bracelets are perfect for summer and as friendship bracelets (you may label them as such!). They furthermore are a 100% waterproof and very durable.