Recycled Flip-Flops

From trash to treasure, from junk to jewellery. 

Treasured flipflops, the national footwear of Africa, float on the river in Mali and wash ashore.
While the Bozo tribe always lived off fishing, an extreme decline in the river’s fish-stock has threatened their livelihood. The fishing-tribe-women found a new way to feed their children, by collecting the floating colourful flip-flops, melting them and twirling beautiful jewellery.

A number of years later, the project is so successful that more than 80 families manage to live off this simple and magical transformation of flipflops into these original accessories.

The bracelets are 100% waterproof and ideal for the summertime and as friendship bracelets. Give the colourful striped bracelets to friends and family, and give the Bozo-women who gave the thongs a new life, a better life!

Share and wear these beautiful items and spread this cheerful story.

The best way to put on the bracelets: carefully roll them onto your arm one by one. Enjoy!