our story.

"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day.
Teach a man how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime." - Gandhi

telling stories

In 2003 Suzanne Mertens, an intuitive businesswoman with a keen eye for detail, discovered the fascinating craftsmanship of Portuguese glassware. If I can’t get it sold," she thought, "I can always organise a throw ball game at the annual Amsterdam flea market”. The first VAN VERRE product was a fact! 

Inspired by her many journeys along the historical trade routes, the atmosphere and concept of VAN VERRE became more and more clear to her. This resulted in a company fuelled by a strong desire to create social impact, by preserving the cultural heritage of handicrafts. With her creativity and sense for beauty and detail, Suzanne spots the finest products and takes these home. A fascination for other cultures and social involvement drives the ever-growing collection and is reflected in these unique products. She believes that fairness, quality, and trade are a perfect match, making VAN VERRE the company it is today; a well-established, international business with unique, contemporary and sustainable collections.

In 2006 Suzanne was joined by Gerard De Rooij, an enthusiastic and successful entrepreneur who was a great inspiration, true connector and passionate storyteller. For many years he was Suzanne’s perfect business counterpart. He provided balance during their travels and became a driving force within VAN VERRE.

stay curious

In 2020 Gerard handed over the helm to the passionate VAN VERRE team. Talented people who each contribute in their own special way. Together with Suzanne, the team is committed to follow in his footsteps, continuing his ever-inspiring spirit within this beautiful company. Carrying on Suzanne and Gerard’s beliefs and values that changing the planet for a better life is possible, and besides that, to stay curious and explore each new horizon.