Pure Earthware

In the Portuguese Douro region, rivers inundate the land. The sun-kissed landscape is characterised by fertile lands of rich clay. Traditional craftsmen shape and mould the clay to create this beautiful ‘earth ware’. Each product is richly decorated by hand or just simply detailed. Not a single piece is alike. The rectangular oven dishes have a story of their own. University students would bring their own lunch in these oven dishes but left the baking to the local village bakery as they attended their classes. In this way, the students always had a warm lunch awaiting them after class.

You can stack dishes of different size to create a gentle Mediterranean warmth in your kitchen.

Use: Wash by hand or in the dishwasher. Dry in a warm oven or upside down in open air to prevent the bottom from moulding. Soak in water for a couple hours prior to first use. Avoid fast changes in temperature as they could cause the dishes to crack. Cook your favourite dish in the oven for you to enjoy!