Fabulous Frazadas

These fabulous frazadas are the result of centuries of dedication and provide a glimpse into a lost civilisation. Like their ancestors, the Aymara women from Bolivia and Peru create these incredibly colourful pieces of art in their own homes. All these women own a simple loom their mothers taught them to use. They weave all year round and let their inspiration guide their daily creations. These creations are made of Alpaca and sheep wool that is hand-collected and coloured with natural pigments only found in the rough Andes Mountains. We have a large variety of differently-coloured frazadas, which you can hand-select.

Nights may be really cold when you sleep at 4800m. This is why the Aymara women have always needed a warm and soft blanket to cover themselves at night.

Use: Frazadas can be washed with lukewarm water or on your washing machine’s wool setting with mild soap. Dry in a shaded place.