Original Olive Wood

Olive trees are the most symbolic trees of the Mediterranean and represent purity and wisdom. Craftsmen have understood this and preserved this savoir-faire, taking good care of these hundred-year-old trees and shaping the finest products. The hand carving of the sun-dried wood follows the veins of the tree; there is nothing more pure.

The hands of the craftsman carefully follow the organic shapes of the wood. The drawings of the seasoned wood and the beauty of the patterns of the woodgrains come to life in the shape of a cutting board, a bowl, spoon or knife. Handmade, each piece unique and made in small quantities.

The future of the fertile olive groves that shape the Mediterranean landscapes was put into danger. VAN VERRE takes part in a preservation program launched by the local government; for every olive tree that is cut, a new one is planted. In that way the amazing heritage of the ancient olive groves is protected.

Mediterranean Olivewood products for long-lasting enjoyment in the kitchen and the beauty of nature on your table. Enjoy!