Jewels from Timbuctu

The jewellery made in the southern part of the Sahara, in Northern Mali, is the result of amazing perseverance. Always handmade and carefully produced to follow the inspiration of the craftsmen, all the pieces we sell at VAN VERRE are unique. The designs are highly diverse as the artisans have all kinds of material at their disposal including minerals, stones, wood, leather, bone, and glass. Just pick the jewellery you like, the collection is infinite!

African tribes have always associated their jewellery with the mighty spirits. Some will be associated with power or wisdom, yet others with truth. Both the material and the type of stone defines which power or energy will be given to the carrier.

Use: wear them to feel the atmosphere of colourful Africa! The pieces become even more beautiful by just wearing them. If you want to give them a fresh look, rub them with a  drop of lemon juice to give them a new glow.