Indigo: Intense Blue

The production of Indigo fabrics by the Dogon people of Northeast Mali has recently been recognised by UNESCO as part of the world’s heritage. The Dogon people are experts in colouring their cloths with the eclectic dark indigo blue shade that protects them from the sun. Carefully-grown, hand-harvested and fermented indigo leaves create this unique colour, which is also associated with power, magic, heaven and divinity. VAN VERRE invites you to bring a little of the magic of the Dogon people into your life through their delicately-created blankets and pillow covers.

The Dogon people still live in a traditional way. Their small clay fortresses might even be the first type of construction ever made by modern humans.

Use: Indigo is not colour-fast, so make sure to wash it separate to your other laundry. It is recommended that, before use, the product be soaked for 1 hour in a solution with a ratio of 1 liter of vinegar to 5 litres of warm water. Rinse thoroughly before you wash the fabric at your washing machine’s wool setting at 40°C. Dry in open air. Do not tumble dry. Note that Indigo gradually fades into a lighter shade of blue.