Powerful Pillows

Just like the Frazada blankets, our powerful pillows are a combination of llama and sheep wool and are coloured with natural pigments. They have been developed by VAN VERRE in order to expand the collection. You can now cover your terrace furniture in throws and pillows to create the cheeriest of outdoor designs. The pillows carry their pattern on both sides and withstand the sunlight like no other piece of art.

These pillows were not originally crafted by the Aymara women. They are the fruit of our labour. When we suggested the production of these pillows to the Aymara women,  they immediately embraced the suggestion. It didn’t actually seem to be much of a challenge to these very talented weavers.

Use: The pillow covers can be washed with lukewarm water or on your washing machine’s wool setting with mild soap. Dry in a shaded place. Synthetic pillows do  not justify these natural items. Therefore, our pillow covers come with a duck down-pillow.