Message in a Bottle

Traditional Italian bottle makers have always had a tendency to decorate every item used in daily life, making beauty a common thing. The incredible Majolica hand-painted bottle stoppers, oil pourers and recycled bottles designed in the Umbrian village of Deruta are a simple testimony of elegance.

When the Renaissance changed the nature of European art in the 16th century, Raffaello decorated a loggia in the Vatican with powerful patterns inspired by plants and animals. He followed the rich tradition of the Deruta artists, who mastered this craft since 1295. Today, these patterns are still being used for our Majolica ceramic bottle stoppers.

Use: Fill the bottles with olive oil, vinegar or just plain water and close them off with our colourful bottle stoppers. Group a few bottles together to decorate your house; abundance creates magnificence! Wash by hand or in the dishwasher.